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How to Measure the size of a gate

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To select the correct size gate/s

To measure the exact opening you need the measurment from the inner face of one pillar (post) to the inner face of the other at the top and bottom using a steel tape.

Measure a gate

Frame Height

The frame height of the gate is to the top of the shepherds crook at the side (as shown in diagram).

Measure a gate


If you wish us to check the size of the frame height for you please measure from the ground to under the post cap (A) and the size of the lip of the post cap (B). If you have no post cap then measure to the top of the wall.
Measure a gate

Gate Fittings

Gate fittings we provide are a screw on type. These are used to fit to existing wooden, posts, brick pillars or walls.

Adjustable Hinges

All our gates are supplied with adjustable hinges. These are used to level the gate.

Measure a gate

After Purchase Care

All our gates and railings are supplied primed, therefore we recommend a coat of top quality gloss paint as soon as possible.

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